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Sore muscles? I’ve got the remedy!

     For as long as I can remember, I have had issues with sore muscles and achy joints. From growing pains, to soreness from exercise, and even arthritis (yes, I am 26 with arthritis…). I’ve tried all kinds of things (pain killers, muscle relaxers, muscle rubs, etc.) and each works for its own purpose, but nothing you take really manages every kind of pain and soreness you experience. Recently, however, I have come across something that can almost do just that. Of course, it too does not get rid of EVERY pain you have, but it comes pretty darn close.

It’s called Real Time Pain Relief

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      My mom recently became a sales rep for them because she tried it and absolutely fell in love with the product. I was skeptical because I’ve tried other types of pain relief creams on the market. So far they have all been pretty comparable and nothing to really brag about in my books. But she was dead sure that it was unlike anything I have ever tried before. She sent me some free samples of the different varieties of creams they have to offer. She also sent some specific instructions. I was to rub it in, wait about 10-15 minutes, and then rub it in again. She insisted that it worked way better this way.

     Well, let me tell you, since becoming an avid user of the stuff, it really does work better with the second application. It is still amazing with just one, but it really sinks in deep when you do it twice. Think of any over the counter muscle rub you’ve ever tried. Now take away the uber strong icky mentholatum smell and multiply the relief by like a thousand. Even the deepest knots will just melt away.


     And when my arthritis in my knees flares up, I can use this cream and not have to take a single naproxen or ibuprofen (which is saving my liver because I had to take that stuff fairly often). I feel more able to get up and wrestle around with the boys. I don’t have to sit out a match because “mommy’s back is sore.” I especially like to use it when “Mother Nature” comes calling. Menstrual cramps are a thing of the past with this pain cream in your corner.

     They even have a pet safe version that is developed especially with your sore achy pet in mind. This stuff is amazing and I fully recommend that everyone who suffers from joint and/or muscle pain give it a try.

     They also just recently came out with a new formula that has 100% Pure CBD. For those of you that are unfamiliar with CBD, in short, it is a component of the cannabis plant that has super powered medicinal properties to it. I will dive more into that topic in another post, but for anyone out there wanting some extra info on this subject, just go to their blog and they explain all about the benefits of CBD oil there.

     For anyone that would like to give Real Time Pain Relief a shot, the contact info below is for the sales rep. I use (my mom). You can also click here to go straight to her Facebook page 🙂

Ethel Cline

(503) 481-7367



While I was given free samples of this product from my mom, I was not paid to do this review. I just really love the product and wanted to help her spread the word.